Internal Rhythm-Mixed media

Experience Counts

I have over twenty years’ experience as a professional in the helping field. My creativity allows for ways of thinking outside of the box that my clients find helpful. People can bring their whole selves to the counselling/creative process, and all aspects of their experiences, knowledge, and identities will be honoured.

I know you are not considering counselling, or investing in yourself, to do it half-way. I will show up fully to meet you where you are, and invest in where you want to go.

Let’s create change, together

Life can be pretty challenging. Sometimes that feels overwhelming. Reaching out can really help. 

Shannon MacKinnon, BFA, BA, MSW

Artist, Social Worker, Counsellor, Partner, Facilitator, Runner, Learner, Nature-lover, Advocate, Performer, Educator, Writer, Supervisor, Traveler, Hiker, Passionate, Professional


To gather together

Creating welcome, a hub, a community

A sanctuary, a collaborative centre


Courage to take on challenges

Knowing the essence of our core

The ability to have compassion